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Price of DUCATI Streetfighter V2 Worldwide

Price of DUCATI Streetfighter V2 Worldwide

The Ducati Streetfighter V2 is a sport motorcycle that is designed to deliver high performance and agile handling. It is powered by a 955 cc V-twin engine, which delivers strong power and torque, and features a fully adjustable suspension and advanced brakes, which help to provide excellent stability and control in a variety of riding conditions. The Streetfighter V2 has a comfortable and upright riding position, making it well-suited for both long distance touring and city riding.

In addition to its impressive performance and handling, the Streetfighter V2 also features a range of advanced technology that helps to make it a highly capable and enjoyable motorcycle to ride. This includes a range of riding modes, which allow riders to tailor the motorcycle’s performance to their preferences and the conditions they are riding in. The Streetfighter V2 also has a full-color TFT display, which provides riders with important information about the motorcycle’s performance and status, as well as a quick-shifter, which allows riders to smoothly and easily shift gears.

The Streetfighter V2 has a sleek and aggressive design, with a distinctive exhaust note and a range of color options. It is a motorcycle that is designed to turn heads and provide an exciting and enjoyable riding experience. Whether you’re looking for a motorcycle that can deliver high performance and agile handling, or simply want a powerful and impressive ride, the Ducati Streetfighter V2 is an excellent choice. Its combination of power, technology, and style make it a highly capable and enjoyable motorcycle to ride.

 CountryOriginal CurrencyUS Dollars*Reference
1.USA16,995 USD 16,995 $
2.UK15,495 GBP18,284$
3.Canada18,995 CAD14,625$
4.Australia23,500 AUD16,234$
5.China  184,568 CNY26,975$
6.India 1,240,635 INR15,539$
7.Sweden 184,900 SEK17,337$
8.South Korea18,694,500 KRW13,909$
9.Japan2,040,000 JPY14,894$
10.Norway243,000 NOK24,837$
11.Philippine 1,250,000  php22,240$
12.Switzerland18,590  CHF19,401 $
13.Sri Lanka 3,348,015 LRK9,322.50$
14.Hong Kong131,711 HKD16,787$
15.Germany17,490 EUR17,486 $
16.Netherlands19,590  EUR19,585 $
17.Yemen  4,248,750 YER16,980 $
18.Denmark  103,670 DKK13,936 $
19.Finland23,900 EUR23,894 $
20.Singapore59,900  SGD42,921$
21.New Zealand23,623 NZD14,649 $
22.Belgium17,390 EUR17,386 $
23.Austria15,296 EUR15,291. $
24.Israel55,574 ILS16,929 $
25.Thailand  509,850 thb  14,123 $
26.Luxembourg16,822  EUR16,816 $
27.Spain18,490 EUR18,484 $
28.France17,490   EUR17,484. $
29.Russia1,274,625 RUB21,383. $
30.Italy 17,390  EUR17,384 $
31.Dubai77,000 AED20,966 $
32.Greece   15,296 EUR15,293 $
33.Pakistan   2,889,150 PKR13,362 $
34.Poland62,882 PLN13,193 $
35.Portugal         15,296 EUR15,293 $
36.Hungary  4,979,535 HUF12,170 $
37.Saudi Arabia  62,882 SAR16,768 $
38.Kuwait 5,268 KWD17,127 $
39.Oman 6,458 OMR16,773 $
40.Qatar     61,182 QAR16,808 $
41.Bahrain   6,458 BHD17,175 $
42.Argentina  1,461,570 ARS10,737. $
43.Romania 67,980 RON13,914 $
44.Nigeria 6,475,095 NGN15,404 $
45.Turkey 118,965 TRY6,563.36 $
46.Malaysia   67,980 MYR15,156 $
47.South Africa 254,925 ZAR14,936 $
48.Colombia  59,907,375 cop13,681 $
49.Algeria2,243,340 DZD15,868 $
50.Mexico397,800 MXN19,720 $
Price of DUCATI Streetfighter V2 Worldwide

*US Dollar Price May Vary Based on the Conversion Rate on the Date of Publication.

**The prices contained in this post are accurate to the best of our knowledge and research. Though we cannot guarantee 100% precision and prices of listed objects may vary according to each country’s market fluctuations, we strive to keep the prices upto date

Price of DUCATI Streetfighter V2 Worldwide
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